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Process Toolbar
The Process Toolbar includes the most frequent actions for Process Editor. The options are enabled or disabled based on relevance.
Create new project or artifact.
Save the current artifact.
Save All
Save all open artifacts.
Validate Process
Validate the process. A confirmation message is displayed after the process is validated successfully.
Run Process
Run the process.
Abort Execution
Stops process execution.
Search within the process file.
Zoom In (Ctrl+=)
Display larger view of the canvas.
Zoom Out (Ctrl+-)
Display smaller view of the canvas.
Displays the grid on the canvas. This is a toggle icon. Clicking on the icon again displays a plain canvas. By default, grid is not displayed.
Snap to Geometry
Click Snap to Geometry, click on a step, and drag the step between any two grid points. Repeat the process by clicking between any other two grid points. The step is placed on the nearest grid point where you click. If you have not enabled Snap to Geometry, then the step is placed at the selected point and not the nearest grid point.
Last modified date: 08/02/2023