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Validating Data
You can use validators against source XML or EDI files to find missing fields required by the DTD file, or the EDI standard. This way, you can check the incoming data to verify XML DTD or EDI compliance. You can also test the target XML or EDI file output to make sure that the data meets the corresponding XML DTD or EDI file criteria.
Note:  The XML file to be validated must have a DTD, otherwise errors occur, one for every element and attribute. The DTD file can have an internal or external subset, or both. The XML file must reference the DTD and the DTD must be available in the exact path where it is referenced.
You can validate the XML related data by creating and using validation logic in Map Editor, using a Doc Validator step in Process Editor, or by running the djvalidator stand-alone utility.
Last modified date: 08/10/2022