User Guide : 7. Working with Tables : Foreign Keys, Indexes, and Constraints : Assign Primary Keys
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Assign Primary Keys
You can configure primary keys on the currently displayed, unsaved table document. You must assign primary keys to table columns before you can create foreign key constraints.
Note:  Primary key functionality is available for Actian Vector tables if the table is newly created and empty.
Before you can assign table columns as primary keys, a table must be created but not yet saved.
You can assign primary keys in the following ways:
From the new table document context menu: Set Primary Key
From the new table document context menu: Indexes/Keys
Assign a primary key when creating or modifying a table document
1. Create a table (see Create a Table).
2. Add columns to the table (see Insert a Column).
3. Select the column in the columns grid that you want to make the primary key.
4. Right-click on the column row and select Set Primary Key from the context menu.
The primary key glyph is added to the beginning of the column row:
The primary key node is added to the Keys folder of the selected table in the Instance Explorer.
After you have assigned primary keys, you may create foreign key constraints (see Create a Foreign Key Relationship).