User Guide : 9. Managing Server Connection Definitions : Creating and Modifying Connection Data : Connection Dialog
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Connection Dialog
You use the Connection dialog to create or modify connection data for an existing Server Connection Definition.
For more information, see Create a New Connection for an Existing Server Connection Definition or Modify a Connection for an Existing Server Connection Definition.
The General page lets you specify new or modify existing connection data for the Server Connection Definition. It contains the following fields:
Definition Name
(Read-only) Displays the name of the Server Connection Definition for which you are creating or modifying a connection
Specifies the name of the remote network node for this user
Default: name of the Server Connection Definition
Specifies the communication protocol to be used. Available protocols are platform dependent and include:
Default: tcp_ip
Listen Address
Specifies the listen address (port) on the remote node
Default: II
Connection information is private
Specifies whether the connection information is private. When selected, the connection definition is available only to the user who created it. If cleared, the connection definition is global, meaning it is available to all users on the local installation.
The Connection dialog contains the following controls:
OK button
Saves the changes to the Server Connection Definition connection data and closes the dialog
Cancel button
Closes the dialog without saving any changes