User Guide : 10. Administering Users, Groups, Roles, and Profiles : Creating Users, Groups, Roles, and Profiles
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Creating Users, Groups, Roles, and Profiles
A person authorized to access and perform tasks on an installation. Users are defined by login credentials: user name and password. Users can be created from profiles and assigned to groups.
A collection of user settings or attributes that you can assign to a class of users.
A collection of users that share the same rights.
Allows you to associate privileges with applications. Only users who have been granted access to a role can perform the actions that role enables. An example of a role with high privileges is an administrator.
Note:  Profiles and groups must be created first, before users can be assigned to them.
Before you can create a user, profile, group, or role:
An installation must be connected in the Instance Explorer.
A user, profile, or group node or parent folder node must be selected in the Instance Explorer.
Note:  To assign a new user to a profile or group, you must first create the profile or group. For more information, see Create a New Profile or Create a New Group.