User Guide : 6. Working with Databases : Display Log Files
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Display Log Files
You can display log files in an MDI document tab. Upon display, Director automatically scrolls to the last line in the log and highlights the most recent entry. To refresh the log from disk, you must click the Refresh button. Number of lines and log size are displayed in the tab’s status bar.
You cannot edit a displayed log file, but you can save it as another file.
For more information about setting the size of displayed logs, see Set the Size of Support Log Files in the User Guide.
To display a log file
1. Select any component of an installation in the Instance Explorer.
2. Click the Connection menu tab, then Logs.
3. Select the log you want to display from the dropdown menu.
The log file is opened as an MDI document.
4. Click Refresh in the lower left corner of the tab to refresh the log from disk.
5. Click the tab’s close (x) button or click the Close button on the Home menu tab to close the log document.