User Guide : 6. Working with Databases
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Working with Databases
Database Operations
Object Naming Rules
Creating and Deleting Databases
Backing Up and Restoring Databases
Creating and Modifying Database Locations
Working with Views
Working with Procedures, Sequences, Events, and Synonyms
Using Rules
Generating Statistics
Displaying Statistics and Information
Modifying System Tables and User Tables
Verifying Databases
Altering Databases
Extending Databases
Viewing Database Properties
Setting DBMS Trace Options for Databases
Display Log Files
Database Operations
Using Director, you can perform the following database operations:
Create and delete (see Creating and Deleting Databases)
Back up and restore (see Backing Up and Restoring Databases)
Generate statistics (see Generating Statistics)
Display statistics and information (see Displaying Statistics and Information)
Modify system and user tables (see Modifying System Tables and User Tables)
Verify (see Verifying Databases)
Alter (see Altering Databases)
Extend (see Extending Databases)
View properties (see Viewing Database Properties)
You can execute these operations from the database node context menu in the Instance Explorer or the Database tab, Database icon (see Database Tab).