User Guide : 6. Working with Databases : Extending Databases
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Extending Databases
You can extend a database to use additional data and work locations. You can use existing locations marked for database or work usage, or you can create a new location for these types of usage, or auxiliary work, when you extend the database. When you extend to a new work location, the system spreads the workload between the initial location (specified at creation time) and the extensions.
Note these limitations:
You can extend one or more existing databases to a single new or existing location, but you cannot extend a single database to several database, work, or auxiliary work locations.
Server classes and vnodes are not supported.
You cannot alter or modify database extensions after they are created.
You cannot use the Extend Database dialog to create checkpoint or dump locations. You must use the Locations dialog for these (see Location Dialog).
For more information about extending databases, see Extend a Database. Also see the EXTENDDB command in the Ingres Command Reference Guide. For more information about extending databases, see the Ingres Database Administrator Guide.
Before you can extend a database, the Instance Explorer must be connected to the installation that contains the database (see Connect to an Actian Database Instance).