User Guide : 6. Working with Databases : Extending Databases : Extend a Database
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Extend a Database
To extend a database, the Instance Explorer must be connected to the installation that contains the database (see Connect to an Actian Database Instance).
You extend a database on the Extend Database Dialog.
To extend a database
1. In the Instance Explorer, right-click the database node you want to extend and select DBA Utilities, Extend on the context menu.
The Extend Database dialog appears (see Extend Database Dialog).
2. Select an effective user.
3. Choose whether you want to extend the database to an existing location or to a new location.
If you select an existing location, choose it from the Name drop-down.
If you select a new location, specify the Name and Area (see Extend Database Dialog).
4. Select the type of usage you want for the location.
5. Click OK.
The Output Log page is displayed, and output is displayed on the text page.
6. Click Close to close the dialog.