User Guide : 6. Working with Databases : Generating Statistics
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Generating Statistics
You can generate statistics for table columns in a database using the Generate Statistics command. When you generate statistics for a database, you are optimizing it, which can improve the speed of query processing.
Generating statistics for a database runs the optimizedb command on it. For more information, see the Ingres Command Reference Guide.
Assumptions of the query optimizer and resources required during optimization are detailed in the Ingres Database Administrator Guide.
The following conditions must be met before you can generate statistics:
The Instance Explorer must be connected to the installation in which the database resides.
A database node must be selected in the Instance Explorer.
You can generate statistics for a database in the following ways:
From the context menu of a database node: DBA Utilities, Generate Statistics
On the main menu ribbon when a user database node is selected in the Instance Explorer: Database, Database, Generate Statistics (see Database Tab)
For more information, see Generate Statistics and the OPTIMIZEDB command in the Ingres Command Reference Guide.