User Guide : 3. Connecting to and Disconnecting from Actian Database Installations : Instance Code
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Instance Code
An Actian database installation is called an instance and is identified with a static string "Ingres" or “Actian Vector” following by a two-character instance code. The first character must be an uppercase letter, and the second character may be an uppercase letter or a numeral from 0–9. For example, “Ingres II” or “Actian Vector AV” or “Actian Vector in Hadoop AH”. This is how instances are identified when displayed in the Instance Explorer. It is not necessary to specify the text string when specifying instances in the Connect dialog, only the instance code.
An instance consists of the selected product components installed in a unique location on your computer.
More than one instance of an Actian database may be installed on the same machine as long as each has a unique instance code.
For more information, see Format of Installation Names.