User Guide : 3. Connecting to and Disconnecting from Actian Database Installations
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Connecting to and Disconnecting from Actian Database Installations
About Connection
Instance Code
Format of Installation Names
Connecting to an Ingres or Actian Vector Installation
Connecting to a Database Using a Server Connection Definition
Disconnecting from an Actian Database Installation
Removing an Actian Database Installation
Move an Instance Up or Down in the Instance Explorer
Set an Installation Password
Viewing Instance Properties
Setting DBMS Trace Options for an Installation
Translating Between Instance IDs and Port Values
Display and Search Log Files
About Connection
You can connect to local or remote Actian database installations from within Director. This attaches an installation to the Instance Explorer and enables you to perform DBA tasks and other functions on objects in the installation.
You can disconnect connected installations from the Instance Explorer (see Disconnect from an Actian Database Installation). After an installation is disconnected, its associated objects or nodes are still displayed in the Instance Explorer. You can also remove installations (see Remove an Actian Database Installation). When you remove an installation, it is immediately removed from the Instance Explorer.
You may connect to multiple installations at a given time; however, an installation may be connected only once per instance of the Director application using the same login and password. This means that, for example, if two local installations were available they both could be connected to and browsed simultaneously, although each installation could appear in the Instance Explorer only once. You may connect to the same instance and have them both displayed in the Instance Explorer if you connect using different credentials.