User Guide : 9. Managing Server Connection Definitions : Running a Script from a Control File : Run a Script
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Run a Script
You use the Run Script dialog to open and run a control file to perform batch operations on Server Connection Definitions.
Before you can run a script:
An Actian database installation must be currently connected (see Connecting to an Ingres or Actian Vector Installation).
The Server Connection Definitions folder must be selected in the Instance Explorer.
To run a script
1. Expand the folders for a connected instance in the Instance Explorer.
2. Right-click on the Server Connection Definitions folder and select Run Script on the context menu.
The Run Script dialog opens.
3. Click the browse button to open a file chooser dialog. Navigate to and select an ASCII control file. Then click OK to open the file.
The contents of the file are displayed in the text pane.
4. Click OK to run the script.
The script runs, displaying any errors in the Output Log.
5. Click Close.