User Guide : 6. Working with Databases : Setting DBMS Trace Options for Databases : Set DBMS Trace Options
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Set DBMS Trace Options
To set DBMS trace options, the Instance Explorer must be connected to the installation that contains the database or databases. The DBMS Trace Options dialog is explained in DBMS Trace Options Dialog.
To set DBMS trace options
1. In the Instance Explorer, right-click the installation or database node and select Set DBMS Trace Options from the context menu.
The DBMS Trace Options dialog appears.
2. Set the DBMS tracing option you want.
3. If you set tracing to one of the ON selections, select whether you want to produce a query plan and set the style.
4. Specify the location to create and store the trace files.
5. Set the BLOB segment size.
6. Click OK.