User Guide : 11. Managing Servers and Transaction Logs : Configuring Servers : Set a Server Startup Count
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Set a Server Startup Count
You can control how many instances of a component configuration are activated at system startup. Trusted users may set server startup count.
To set the startup count for a server
1. Expand the Management folder for the installation containing the server you want to modify. Open the Servers folder.
2. Right-click on the folder or node for the type of server you want to configure and select Set Startup Count on the context menu.
A pop-up dialog opens.
3. Specify the number of servers of this type you want to start when the installation starts up.
4. Click OK.
The color of the state indicator (see State Indicators) changes to dark green in the Instance Explorer. The change will take place the next time you restart the installation (see Start and Stop Servers). You also may right-click on the server type node and select Start Server to start the correct number of servers right away.