User Guide : 3. Connecting to and Disconnecting from Actian Database Installations : Connecting to an Ingres or Actian Vector Installation : Start a Local Management Server (Windows Only)
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Start a Local Management Server (Windows Only)
This option applies only to an Actian database installation on the same machine as Director, and only if running on a Microsoft Windows operating system.
If the connection to a local installation fails, it may be because the iimgmtsvr management server for that installation is not running. If it is not running and you try to connect to the installation, a popup message asks if you want to start the server. To do so, click Yes, and the local management server (service) will be started. If connection fails, you may retry connection.
If you do not want to start the service (for instance, if you suspect that the server is already running and something else may be interfering with connection), click No and take other steps to remedy the situation.
In either case, an additional error message is displayed behind this prompt. You may safely ignore this error until the message dialog closes.