User Guide : 6. Working with Databases : Verifying Databases : Verify a Database
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Verify a Database
To verify a database, the Instance Explorer must be connected to the installation that contains the database (see Connect to an Actian Database Instance).
To verify a database
1. In the Instance Explorer, right-click the database node and select DBA Utilities, Verify on the context menu.
The Verify Database dialog appears (see Verify Database Dialog).
2. On the General page, select the effective user.
This is the effective user name for the session. Valid only for a privileged user, DBA, or sessions that have the db_admin database privilege.
3. Specify the cleanup mode.
4. Specify the scope.
5. Specify the verification operation to perform.
6. If the Table drop-down becomes active, specify a table to perform the verification operation on.
7. Choose whether you want output printed in verbose mode.
8. Click the Options link in the “Select a page” portlet to display the Options page.
9. Choose whether you want to turn off logging to the log file.
10. Specify an alternate log file, if desired. (If you do, logging should not be turned off.)
11. Click OK.
The Output Log page is displayed, and output is displayed on the text page.
12. Click Close to close the dialog.