User Guide : 3. Connecting to and Disconnecting from Actian Database Installations : Viewing Instance Properties : View Installation Properties
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View Installation Properties
You view properties using the Properties dialog. You can access this dialog in the Instance Explorer by right-clicking on the installation and selecting Properties from the context menu. This action executes the ingprenv command; for more information, see the Ingres Command Reference Guide and System Administrator Guide.
You can find description of properties in the Ingres and Actian Vector documentation sets.
To view installation properties
1. Right-click the installation node and select Properties on the context menu.
The Properties dialog opens to the General page.
2. Click on a property to display a definition at the bottom of the dialog.
3. Click the Environment page link in the “Select a page” portlet to display the settings of environment variables from the symbol.tbl file for the installation.
4. Click OK to close the dialog.