5. Working with QBF Operations : QBF Update Operation : How Data Is Modified : Add New Detail Rows to a JoinDef
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Add New Detail Rows to a JoinDef
Use the AddDetail operation on the QBF Update frame data display menu to add detail table records when both the master and detail table of a join definition are displayed as simple fields.
To add a new detail record to a joindef
1. When a master table record and corresponding detail record are displayed, position the cursor on the first simple field for the detail table.
2. Type the data for the new record over the existing data in the currently displayed detail record.
3. Instead of saving the modified record, choose the AddDetail operation from the menu.
QBF writes the new detail record into a temporary buffer and redisplays the prior detail record (as it appeared before you overtyped it with the new data). If desired, you can continue to add additional records by repeating the preceding procedure. Be sure to choose AddDetail rather than Save to write the new record to the buffer; otherwise, you overwrite the existing record rather than add a new one.
4. Choose Save.
The new records are committed to the database.
Do not choose AddDetail until you have typed the new data into the existing record. If you choose this menu option before typing the new data, one of the following occurs:
If duplicates are allowed, QBF enters the record that currently appears in the window as a duplicate record.
If duplicates are not allowed, an error message displays.