8. Working with RBF Report Specifications : Archive Operation--Archive a Report Definition
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Archive Operation--Archive a Report Definition
Use the Archive operation to make a text file copy of a RBF report specification that you can edit with a word processor or text editor. This allows you to use Report-Writer to add sophisticated data selection and formatting commands that are beyond the capabilities of RBF. You use the sreport command to save the edited report specification text file. Once saved, the report specification can be run at any time with the report command or the RBF Go operation to produce the report.
After saving a report specification with sreport, you cannot edit it from RBF. A report specification saved with sreport appears as a report title in the RBF Report Catalog frame, and you can run the report by placing the cursor on it and selecting the Go operation. However, if you choose the MoreInfo operation for a report saved with sreport, you can see that the RBF Editable Field? has been set to NO.