13. Using VIFRED : Borders for Pop-up Forms
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Borders for Pop-up Forms
The Border attribute tells VIFRED whether to include an automatic border around a pop-up display-style form. The Border attribute is not available for fullscreen forms.
By default, a border is specified. To change the specification, enter n for no border or y for yes to include a border in the Border attribute field on the Form Attributes pop-up.
Allow space for the border when sizing your pop-up, or when creating a pop-up by changing the style of a fullscreen form that occupies the entire screen. A border requires two lines and two columns in addition to the other components on your form. A borderless pop-up requires the same allowance, in case a user turns on borders at run time.
You cannot specify display attributes such as brightness, inverse video, or color for borders created with the Border attribute. If you want to define your own border, you can use the Box/Line operation to draw a box around the inside edges of the form. This allows you to specify display attributes for the box.