13. Using VIFRED : Form Size and Position : VisuallyAdjust Operation--Visually Adjust a Form : Change Pop-up Form Size
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Change Pop-up Form Size
You can use the Resize operation on the Visually Adjust frame to change the size of a pop-up style form. Using the Resize operation is easier if the form has a border, because the pop-up form margins are not displayed during the VisuallyAdjust operation. You can specify a border for the form on the Form Attributes frame, and then remove it after adjusting the size.
You can move the cursor in any direction to adjust the size of a form.
To change the size of a pop-up style form
1. Choose the VisuallyAdjust operation on the Form Attributes frame. Choose the Resize operation on the Visual Adjust frame.
VIFRED marks one of the form corners with a plus sign. This is the anchor point. The cursor automatically shifts to the diagonal corner.
2. Move the cursor to a new location and then press the Menu key.
VIFRED redraws the form boundaries using the anchor point and the cursor's new location as the diagonal corners of the form.
If necessary, you can rotate the anchor point and cursor to different corners of the form so as to change the orientation of your modifications.
3. To shift the anchor point, press the Tab key.
Each time you press the Tab key, the anchor point and cursor rotate clockwise to a new corner of the form. By shifting the cursor and anchor point to new corners, you can expand or contract the form in any direction, provided you maintain the basic orientation of the cursor to the anchor point. VisuallyAdjust does not allow you to invert the form by moving the cursor to the opposite side of the anchor point.
4. When you have adjusted the form to the correct size, press the Menu key.
You are returned to the Visual Adjust frame menu.
5. Choose the End operation.
You are returned to the Form Attributes frame. VIFRED shows the form's new margins as dashed lines. These are the margins of the form's usable area, not counting any form border.
When you are adjusting a pop-up form's size, the form's margins must enclose all of the form's components without truncating any of them. If you attempt to reduce a form's margins in such a way that a form component would be partially or entirely outside of the form margin, VIFRED draws the new margin as close to the component as possible while still keeping the component entirely within the boundary.