13. Using VIFRED : Form Display Style : Change the Style of a Form
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Change the Style of a Form
The display style determines whether the form appears alone in the window or as a pop-up form.
To change the style of a form
1. Choose the FormAttr operation on the Form Layout frame.
VIFRED displays the Form Attributes pop-up frame.
2. Type an f for fullscreen or a p for pop-up in the Style field and press the Return key.
VIFRED automatically displays the attributes on the Form Attributes pop-up that are available for the new style.
If you change a fullscreen form to a pop-up form, VIFRED sets the default value of the Border attribute to Y (yes) and the Screen Width to the default setting, Current, which is the default width as set at run time.
If you started with a form that was as large or larger than your screen--for instance, a default fullscreen form--you must delete some lines from the form to make room for the pop-up form's border, which requires two lines, before changing it to a pop-up. If you change the Border attribute to N (no) for a form that occupies your entire screen, you still need to reduce its size by two lines to change it to a pop-up, in case a user turns on the borders at run time.