8. Working with RBF Report Specifications : RBF Report Layout Frame : Report Components in the Report Layout Frame : Columns and Aggregate Functions
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Columns and Aggregate Functions
Columns and aggregate functions are report components that deal with the data in your report. Columns contain the actual data obtained from the table, view, or JoinDef on which the report is based. You use an aggregate function, such as sum or count, to calculate the value of a specified column up to the occurrence of a break.
Columns and aggregate functions are represented on the Report Layout frame by fields containing:
Letters and symbols, which denote the data display format
For information about these formats, see Column Display Formats (see page Column Display Formats).
Solid lines, which show the width of the column or aggregate
Fields that represent data columns appear in the Detail section of the Report Layout frame. The Report Layout frame does not initially display the names of the columns associated with the fields in the Detail section. You can use the Name operation to obtain the column name (see page Obtain the Name of a Column) for a field.