13. Using VIFRED : Compile Forms
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Compile Forms
The Compile operation on the Utilities submenu generates a form definition for use with embedded SQL or other embedded query languages. Alternatively, you can use the compform system‑level command to compile a form.
The Compile operation reduces start‑up time when you use the form in an embedded SQL program. Consult the appropriate embedded language guide for more information.
To use the Compile operation
1. In the Forms Catalog frame, place the cursor on the name of the form to be compiled and choose the Utilities operation.
The Utilities submenu appears.
2. Choose the Compile operation.
VIFRED prompts you for a file name under which to store the compiled form in your current directory.
3. Enter the file name and press Return.
A C language data structure describing the form is stored in the file under the name you provide.
VMS: This procedure produces VMS macro code.