13. Using VIFRED : Create New and Duplicate Forms : Create Blank Forms
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Create Blank Forms
You can create blank forms that:
Do not access data, but rather act as logo windows, information windows, and help windows.
Are interactive forms linked to procedures written in a database programming language such as 4GL and embedded SQL. An example of this is an application login window in which users enter their name and password.
Access and display database data through procedures written in programming languages.
To create a blank form
1. Choose Blank from the Creating a Form pop-up menu.
2. Choose the Select operation on the Forms Catalog frame.
VIFRED displays a blank form in the Form Layout frame, which is described in the next section.
3. Choose the Save operation on the Form Layout frame
You are prompted for a name.
4. Enter a name.
The form is saved.
After creating the form, you can modify it, as discussed later in this chapter, or add components to it, as discussed in the chapter "VIFRED Form Components."