14. VIFRED Form Components : Create Operation : Creation of Simple Fields : Create a New Simple Field
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Create a New Simple Field
To create a simple field, you must create the following components:
Internal name of the field (see page Parts of a Form)
Display or input format of the field
Attributes of the field (or leave them in their default state)
Optional field title
If you create a field title, VIFRED automatically creates a default internal name (see page Create Field Titles and Default Internal Names) for the field. If you do not create a field title, you can use the Attributes operation to create an internal field name.
To create a simple field on a form
1. Position the cursor where you want to insert a new field, and then choose Create from the Form Layout frame.
The Create submenu appears.
2. Choose Field.
VIFRED displays another menu with the following operations:
Creates a title for the field (optional).
Creates the data window and data display or input format for the field.
Sets the attributes of the field.
Cancels field creation and returns to the Form Layout frame.
Help, End
Perform standard operations.
3. Choose Title (if you are creating a field title), DisplayFormat, and Attributes in sequence to create the components of the field.
For specific instructions, see the following sections.
4. Select End.
VIFRED displays the field on the form with the specified components.
5. Use the Save operation to permanently keep a form definition. If you exit without saving the form, all your changes are lost.