5. Working with QBF Operations : QBF Retrieve Operation : Search Qualifications : Date and Time Qualifications
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Date and Time Qualifications
Date fields can hold either a simple date, such as 22-mar-1998, or a date and time, such as 22-mar-1998 10:44:23. You cannot use wild card characters in date fields to qualify a retrieval. However, you can use comparison and logical operators to retrieve a range of dates and/or times.
For example, to retrieve all records with dates from January 1, 1998 through December 31, 1998, enter the following qualification in a date only field:
>=1‑jan‑1998 and <1‑jan‑1998
If the field contains only date values and no time values, you can retrieve all records for a single date, such as March 22, 1998, by entering a qualification such as:
If the field contains values in the date and time format and you want to retrieve only records with the specific date and time of March 22, 1998 10:44:23, enter the qualification:
22‑mar‑1998 10:44:23
If the field contains both the date and time and you want to retrieve all records for March 22, 1998, regardless of the time, enter the following date range qualification in the date and time field:
>=22‑mar‑1998 and <23‑mar‑1998
To qualify the retrieval for a specific hour of one day, enter a qualification such as:
>=22‑mar‑1998 10:00 and <22‑mar‑1998 11:00