2. Fundamentals of Using Querying and Reporting Tools : Naming and Name Use Conventions : Delimited Identifiers
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Delimited Identifiers
Delimited identifiers are database object names that are identical to reserved words or that contain spaces or non‑alphanumeric characters that are disallowed in a regular identifier. If the database was created as case sensitive, you can also use delimited identifiers to distinguish among identical names with different case (for example, SALES as distinct from Sales). For more information on allowable characters in delimited identifiers, see the SQL Reference Guide.
You can use delimited identifiers for names of all database objects, such as:
Table names
View names
Correlation names
Column names in tables
Schema and user names
You are not allowed to use delimited identifiers for Ingres tools objects such as JoinDefs, reports, forms, and QBFNames.