12. Report-Writer Statements : Page Layout and Control Statements : .Leftmargin Statement--Set a Left Margin : Description
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The .leftmargin statement sets the left margin of the report to a specific position or a position that is the value of a numeric expression. Subsequently, when new lines are written, new text output begins at the left margin position. To set the left margin for the entire report, place the statement in the .header report section. The .leftmargin value is also used by the .left and .center statements to determine the default position for those statements.
Report-Writer evaluates any expressions used as parameters to the .leftmargin statement during runtime.
Note:  If you do not specify a left margin position, Report-Writer determines the default value for the left margin from your other specifications for the writing of the report, as discussed in Automatic Determination of Default Settings.
The value specified for the .leftmargin statement must be greater than or equal to zero (0), less than the specification for the right margin and less than the page width (as specified with the ‑l flag on the report command, or with the .pagewidth statement).