14. VIFRED Form Components : Create Operation : Boxes and Lines : Enhance Boxes and Lines
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Enhance Boxes and Lines
Use the Edit operation to change the size and shape of a box or line, or to specify display attributes.
To edit a box or line
1. Place the cursor anywhere on the box or line. The cursor must be on one of the lines that forms the box, not inside the box.
On terminals that use an underscore character as a cursor, you cannot get the cursor exactly on a horizontal line or horizontal side of a box because the line is drawn in the center of that row's character cell and the underscore is at the bottom of the cell. In this case, make sure that the cursor is in the same character cell (that is, the proper row).
Place the cursor at a point on the box or line that is unique to that box or line to clearly indicate which component you want to change. For example, if you place the cursor at the point where two boxes intersect, the Edit operation cannot tell which box you must change, and arbitrarily chooses one.
2. Choose the Edit operation.
The four corners of the box (at each end of a line) display in reverse video and the Edit menu for boxes displays the following choices:
Expands or contracts one or more sides of the box, or horizontal or vertical line.
Specifies display attributes for the box, or horizontal or vertical line.
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