12. Report-Writer Statements : Report Setup Statements : .Break Statement--Specify Break Columns : Examples
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1. The following example breaks on the columns, state and city of employment (a delimited identifier). The order to sort the rows retrieved from the database appears in the .query statement. The .break statement is required to identify the sort columns to Report-Writer.
      select *
        from emp
        order by state, "city of employment"
.break state, "city of employment"
2. The following example overrides the original sort order specified in the .sort statement by using the .break statement. This might be done so that a change in the second sort column does not trigger a break on the third column. Note the consistent usage of variable names.
.sort     $first_col :a,
          $second_col :a,
          $third_col :a
.break    $first_col, $third_col