13. Using VIFRED : Form Attributes
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Form Attributes
Form attributes are specifications that apply to the form as a whole (in contrast to field attributes, which are specifications that apply to individual fields). All form attributes are related to the following form characteristics:
Display style (see page Form Display Style)
Size and screen position
You designate a form's attributes with the Form Layout frame's FormAttr (form attribute) operation. When you choose the FormAttr operation, VIFRED displays the Form Attributes pop-up frame. Use this frame to specify attributes for the form currently displayed in the Form Layout frame.
The display style of your current form determines which attributes appear on the Form Attribute pop-up frame. VIFRED provides two basic display styles for forms:
For more information on display styles, see Form Display Style (see page Form Display Style).
This figure shows the Form Attributes frame for a fixed‑position pop-up style form.
The following table lists and summarizes all of the attributes that appear on Form Attributes frames for both fullscreen and pop-up forms. Only those attributes that apply to the style of your form appears on your Form Attributes frame.
The display style of the form, either fullscreen or pop-up
All forms
Size of the form in rows and columns
All forms (display-only)
Screen Width
Displays the screen in the terminal's current width (default), narrow width (usually 80 columns), or wide width (usually 132 columns)
Fullscreen forms
How the pop-up form is positioned (either fixed position or floating position)
Pop-up display-style forms
Whether the pop-up form has an automatic border
Pop-up display-style forms
The row containing the form's upper left corner
Fixed‑position pop-up display-style forms
The column containing the form's upper left corner
Fixed-position pop-up forms