8. Working with RBF Report Specifications : Report Options Frame : Form Feeds
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Form Feeds
Form feeds are commands sent to the printer telling the printer to advance to the next piece of paper when a report page is finished. In a report file, a form feed is usually indicated by Control-L.
By including form feeds in your report specification, you ensure that each new page of the report begins on a new piece of paper, even if the number of lines specified for the report page is not the same as the number of lines the printer can put on a page. The default is to include form feeds in the report specification. You can change this by entering n (no) in the Insert Formfeeds field.
If you include form feeds, you can also specify whether to print the first form feed. This initial form feed occurs at the start of the report before the first page has been printed. The default is yes. Enter n (no) in the Print First Formfeed field to suppress the initial form feed.