5. Working with QBF Operations : QBF Append Operation : How to Use the Append Frame : How You Add New Rows of Data
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How You Add New Rows of Data
To add new rows of data to the database, follow these steps:
1. Start the Append operation from the operating system or from the Ingres Menu, as described in Start the Append Operation.
2. Enter your data in the fields of the form. If you are using a table field, you can tab through the fields in each row. Press Return at the end of the row.
If the query target is a QBFName, the sequence in which the cursor moves from one field to the next is determined by the order specified in the custom form created in VIFRED.
3. When you have typed in all the rows of data that you want to add, choose the Append operation from the Append frame menu to save your additions.
Your data is added to the database tables and displays a message telling you how many rows of data it has appended.
If you do not choose the Append operation in the Append frame, your additions are not saved.
The methods you use to append data differ slightly depending on whether you are using a simple‑fields or table-field format.