8. Working with RBF Report Specifications : How to Copy Report Specifications
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How to Copy Report Specifications
You can copy a report specification by using one of the following techniques:
Create a report based on an existing report.
Change the report specification name when saving it.
To create a report based on an existing report, choose the Duplicate option on the Creating a Report pop-up menu on the Report Catalog frame.
To save an existing report specification to a new file with a new report specification name, edit the name on the Save Report frame. If you have already saved the report specification under its current name, changing the name before resaving causes RBF to save a duplicate copy under the new name.
You can also use the copyrep and sreport commands on the operating system command line to copy a report specification out of one database and into another. However, the sreport command saves the copied report specification for use with Report-Writer only, and the report cannot be edited with RBF.