2. Fundamentals of Using Querying and Reporting Tools : Access to Database Tables : How to Select a Table You Want to Access
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How to Select a Table You Want to Access
Select a table, view, or synonym you want to access by:
Typing its name on the command line when entering an appropriate command
Typing its name in a table name field on the current frame
Highlighting it in a displayed list of choices and choosing the appropriate operation
Each table, view, or synonym, also has a schema name (see page Schemas for Owner Qualification) that associates the object with the user who owns it and distinguishes it from identically named objects in different schemata. Lists of choices in the forms-based tools contain all tables and views, including their schema names, to which you have access, whether owned by you, the DBA, or another user. These lists also contain all synonyms (see page Synonym Use) that you own or that are owned by the DBA, to which you have access.