C. Writing Termcap Descriptions : Supplied Termcap File : How to Set the II_TERMCAP_FILE Variable
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How to Set the II_TERMCAP_FILE Variable
Whether editing an existing termcap description or writing a new one, you must edit a copy of the termcap file that is not currently in use. You can set the II_TERMCAP_FILE environment variable/logical to point to a working copy of the termcap file. This allows you to edit a new version of the termcap file in any directory that you want, without interfering with other users or the original distribution copy of the termcap file.
Use the command appropriate to your system to tell Ingres to use an alternate termcap file:
set II_TERMCAP_FILE=fullpathname\filename
C shell:
setenv II_TERMCAP_FILE = fullpathname/filename
Bourne shell:
II_TERMCAP_FILE = fullpathname/filename
define II_TERMCAP_FILE=file_specification
If this name is defined, any forms program starts up with that file instead of the standard distribution file.