3. Using the Tables Utility : Create a Table : Move Column Specifications
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Move Column Specifications
The order in which you enter the data columns in the Column Specification form determines the way table data is presented in default reports. In default reports, the report data is sorted on the values in the first column. You can use the Move operation to change the order of data columns when creating a table.
The top data column specification in the table field is the first data column in the table and can be the leftmost data column in any default report created from the table.
To move a data column specification from one row of the Column Specification form to another
1. Place the cursor on the data column specification row that you want to move, and then select the Move operation.
The Move submenu appears.
2. Position the cursor on the row to which you want to move the data column specification row, and then select the Place operation from the submenu
The column specification row to be moved is inserted at the new cursor location and the current row is pushed down by the newly moved row.