13. Using VIFRED : Form Size and Position : VisuallyAdjust Operation--Visually Adjust a Form : Move a Fixed-Position Pop-up Style Form
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Move a Fixed-Position Pop-up Style Form
If VIFRED does not let you make a form as small as you want because a component is in the way, you must use the Move operation on the Form Layout frame to move the components of the form closer together.
To reposition a fixed‑position pop-up style form
1. Choose the VisuallyAdjust operation from the Form Attributes frame.
The Visual Adjust frame is displayed.
2. Choose the Move operation.
This highlights the four corners of the form and places the cursor at the upper left corner.
3. Move the cursor to the spot where you want to locate the new form's upper left corner, and then choose the Place operation to redraw the form in the new location.
4. Return to the Form Attributes frame by choosing the End operation.
The form's new row and column location are displayed in the StartRow and StartColumn fields.