14. VIFRED Form Components : Move Operation--Move Components on a Form : Move a Single Component
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Move a Single Component
To move a form component
1. Position the cursor on the component to be moved and choose Move from the Form Layout menu.
The menu of Move operations appropriate for the selected component appears with the component highlighted in reverse video:
If the cursor is on a trim component, the entire component appears in inverse video.
If the cursor is on a table field or box, the corners of the field or box appears in inverse video.
If the cursor is on either a title or data field or a simple field, both parts appears in inverse video.
2. Relocate the cursor to the place where you want the component moved and choose the Place or Shift operation, as described in the following sections.
To center or justify a component in relation to the form margin, select the Center, Left, or Right operations, as described in Centering and Justifying Components.
If you move a component to the bottom of the form and there is not enough vertical space in the form to accommodate it, VIFRED automatically moves the bottom margin of the form down enough rows to allow the component to fit. The right margin, however, does not automatically move to the right to accommodate a moved component.
If you are not satisfied with the results of any Move operation, choose the Undo operation. Because Undo reverses the last operation performed, you must use the Undo operation before performing any other operation.