13. Using VIFRED : Form Size and Position : Move the Margins of a Form
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Move the Margins of a Form
You can use the Form Layout frame Move operation to create forms wider than 80 columns or to change the boundaries or margins of the form. When you use forms that are larger than your window, the form scrolls when you move the cursor to the edge of your window.
To use the Move operation
1. Place the cursor on the right margin marker and choose the Move operation.
A new set of menu operations appear:
Moves (contracts) the margin to a specified location within the current boundaries.
Expands (increases) the current form boundaries by moving the form's margin outward to the right or further down.
Help, End
Perform standard operations.
2. Use the Place and Expand operations in conjunction with each other:
a. Use Expand to extend the right or bottom margin in large increments.
b. Use Place to fineā€‘tune the new margin setting, positioning the margin at the specific point you want, within the confines of the expanded margins.
Each time you use Expand or Place, the Move operation is completed and VIFRED returns you to the previous menu.
You must then use the Move operation again to perform another expand or place operation.