8. Working with RBF Report Specifications : Move Operation--Move Report Components : Move the Report Margins
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Move the Report Margins
You can use the Move operation to expand or contract the width or length of the report by moving the right or bottom margin of the report.
To move a report margin
1. Place the cursor on the margin line.
2. Select the Move operation from the Report Layout frame menu.
A submenu appears with the following options:
Places the selected boundary at the cursor position. If this causes overlap with other form components, the boundary is placed as close to the last component as possible.
Expands the form by a quarter of a display screen either to the right (if you are moving the right border) or down (if you are moving the bottom of the form).
Help, End
Perform standard operations.
3. To narrow the width or length of the report, position the cursor at the location where you want the new margin to be and choose the Place operation.
The margin moves left or up to the cursor location.
To expand the width or length of the report, choose the Expand operation. The Expand operation moves the right margin to the right by one quarter of your screen width. Expand moves the bottom margin down by one quarter of your screen's height. Each time you choose Expand, the margin expands by one quarter of your screen width or height.
RBF defines the width of a report in number of characters across the page, not in inches, centimeters, or picas. The actual width in inches of a report printed on paper can vary from printer to printer, depending on the size of the characters that the printer uses.