8. Working with RBF Report Specifications : Report Options Frame : Page Length
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Page Length
RBF automatically formats reports in numbered pages. A report page length is determined by its number of lines. RBF uses two different default page lengths--one for reports displayed on a screen and one for reports sent to a file or printer:
Default screen page length equals 20 lines
Default file or printer page length equals 61 lines
Report page lengths include all report lines, including title, trim, headings, detail lines, headers, and footers.
You can specify a different page length for a report by moving the cursor to the Page Length field and entering a new number of lines. The number of lines you enter here is applied to reports displayed on your screen as well as reports sent to a file. If you leave this field blank, the defaults are 20 lines when the report is written to a screen and 61 when the report is sent to a file or printer. To suppress all pagination (that is, to eliminate all breaks), enter a zero (0) in this field.
Most printers print six lines to the vertical inch. Some printers print eight lines per inch and some can be set to a variable number of lines per inch.