13. Using VIFRED : Form Size and Position : Set Size and Position Attributes : Position Mode
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Position Mode
The Position mode attribute is only displayed for pop-up display-style forms. Use this attribute to specify whether the pop-up style form is fixed or floating when it appears in the window.
If you specify this mode, you also can fill in the StartRow and StartColumn attribute fields, which specify the row and column position of the pop-up form's upper left corner. The form always pops up at that location regardless of which field is current or where the cursor is.
Whenever you invoke the pop-up display-style form, VIFRED positions the form in the window relative to the current field (the field containing the cursor). VIFRED places the pop-up form as close to the current field as possible without obscuring it.
To change the Position mode attribute
1. Put the cursor in the Position mode field on the Form Attributes frame.
2. Type in fi for Fixed or fl for Floating and press End.
If you choose Fixed mode, you must set the size and position of the form, as discussed in the next sections.