13. Using VIFRED : Print Forms
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Print Forms
You can print a form by using the Print operation on the Utilities submenu, or the printscreen or printform commands at the operating system prompt.
The Print operation creates a picture of the form, which you can then print on a line printer.
To perform the print operation
1. Place the cursor on the row containing the name of the form in the Form Catalog frame and choose the Utilities operation.
The Utilities submenu appears.
2. Choose the Print operation.
3. At the prompt, type the name of a file.
VIFRED places a picture of the form in that file, and appends a description of each field and the trim to the form.
4. Use your operating system print commands to print the file.
The Print operation prints all fields, including those that have been assigned the Invisible field attribute.
The FRS printscreen command sends a copy of the form currently displayed (including any character representation of data in the form) to a file or printer, depending on how the II_PRINTSCREEN_FILE environment variable/logical has been set. (For more information, see the System Administrator Guide for the system on which your database resides). Because the FRS printscreen command prints the current screen display, it does not print fields which have been assigned the Invisible attribute.
The printform command lets you print a form without entering VIFRED. It works like the Print operation on the Utilities submenu.