13. Using VIFRED : QBFNames Operation : QBFNames Catalog Frame
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QBFNames Catalog Frame
The QBFNames operation applies only to the form that is currently highlighted by the cursor in the VIFRED Forms Catalog frame. To display the QBFNames Catalog for a particular form, choose the QBFNames operation after choosing Utilities on the Forms Catalog frame.
The QBFNames Catalog frame contains a list of QBFNames associated with the form identified at the top of the frame.
You can use the operations available in this window to manipulate QBFNames on the list.
Assigns an additional QBFName to the selected form.
Removes the QBFName in the row containing the cursor.
Edits the QBFName in the row containing the cursor.
Renames the QBFName selected by the cursor.
Obtains more information about the selected QBFName. The additional information includes the time the QBFName was created and a long description of the QBFName.
Runs QBF using the QBFName.
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Perform standard operations.