F. Report-Writer Report Examples : Report Creation Using Several Tables : How to Avoid Awkward Page Breaks : QUEL User Notes for a Join
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QUEL User Notes for a Join
When you generate a report from a joined table, you must simulate the .need statement to assure proper page breaks. In QUEL, this involves making the same alterations to the report specifications file as shown in the text, but no additional tables need to be constructed.
Here is the query statement for the final report specification:
.NAME booksq
.OUTPUT booksq.out
      The BOOKSQ report uses previously executed QUEL
      statements to create a temporary table,tempbooksq
      which is the join of books, authors and subject.
      range of b is tempbooksq
      retrieve (b.all,
           num_auths=count(b.subject by b.id where
           num_sub=count(b.subject by b.id where b.code=2)