4. Using QBF : Query Definition and Execution Phases of QBF : Query Definition Phase
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Query Definition Phase
In the query definition phase, you choose or create a query target. A query target contains the data you want to review, add to, or change. You can use a query target for queries as often as you like.
There are three recognized types of query targets:
Two‑dimensional arrays of data
Two or more tables joined through common values in one or more columns
The association of a table or JoinDef with a form created in the VIFRED
If your query target is a table or JoinDef that does not yet exist, you can create it from the appropriate Catalog frame in the query definition phase. To create a QBFName, however, you must use the VIFRED, which is accessed through the Forms menu choice on the main Ingres Menu frame.
You can choose a defined synonym or an existing view as a query target in place of a table name. However, you cannot create a synonym or view from the Tables Catalog frame or any other QBF frame. You can create views only with a query language. For more information on synonyms and views, see the chapter "Using the Tables Utility."