4. Using QBF : Query Target Selection
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Query Target Selection
Catalogs automatically keep track of query targets. A Catalog frame displays a list of query targets, a menu of available operations, and some explanatory information.
Query targets can be:
QBFNames associated with tables or JoinDefs
Synonyms referring to tables
Views or JoinDefs based upon tables
You must either own the query target object or have been granted the appropriate permissions to access or perform an operation on the object. For more information on granting or obtaining permissions, see the Database Administrator Guide.
To locate the query target you want, scroll through the list in the Catalog frame or use the First Letter Find function (see Find Entry Using First Letter).
For each type of query target, a different type of form is used for displaying your query results. For more information on data display forms, see Data Display Forms for Query Targets (see page Data Display Forms for Query Targets).